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A Merry Christmas Post!


Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/[insert favorite general cheerfulness here]!!

As a guest blogger here on The Aidan Turner Extrelix I thought I’d share a classic Christmas-related video from Aidan Turner’s good ol’ Being Human days. Besides, who doesn’t want to see him (with Lenora Critchlow and Russell Tovey) in a Santa hat anyway? Exactly. So here’s my gift to you:

Merry Christmas, Mr. Turner! Happy Howl-days! And a Fang-tastic New Year!

Also! See here for a Chibi Fili and Kili (in a Santa Hat)!! Cuteness abounds.

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Texts from Aidan!


In a recent interview Lenora Chrichlow (Annie, Being Human) was asked if she’s kept in touch with Aidan during the filming of The Hobbit. Here’s what she had to say…

Have you had any texts from Aidan on the set of The Hobbit? (TV Choice Magazine)
—-‘ Yes. He’s bored as hell. He can’t stand it and wishes he was here! It’s very dull in New Zealand (laughs). It’s all going swimmingly from what I hear. They’re working very hard. He sounds like he’s having a great time.’










We absolutely can’t wait to see ‘The HAWT DWARF’ on the Big Screen!