Press Junket Junkie: Another Interview with Aidan


So, here at TATE we’re doing our best to gather up all these fun and insightful interviews with Aidan Turner (and whom ever may accompany him at the time). Below I have another interview with James Nesbitt…

Okay, hang on. Let me explain something. (Which you probably already know, but just in case…) During Press Junkets, the cast sits in a room for X amount of hours while different interviewer come in for five-minute slots. I’m saying this to explain why a number of these interviews with always be with James Nesbitt (I LOVE Bofur!) and why they are wearing the same clothes.

But, again, you probably knew that. In case you didn’t, now you do. (TATE, at your service…).

Continuing! Here’s an interview by Smooth Radio Network asking the duo some fun questions about the life/experience of filming The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. My favorite was the final question posed to both James Nesbitt and the talented Aidan Turner about what music they put on directly after a day’s work.

You also get a strong sense of the type of person Aidan appears to be. He seems like a grounded, warm spirited, and genuine man. I have to say, when I first discovered him (from Being Human) I avoided his interviews like the plague! I was terrified I would find out he was an arrogant , self-centered jerk or something (and I really, really wanted to like him). Crisis averted! There was no need to fear “getting to know him.” Relief!

So here, anyway, enjoy this interview (and forgive them for spelling his name wrong):

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