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A Merry Christmas Post!


Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/[insert favorite general cheerfulness here]!!

As a guest blogger here on The Aidan Turner Extrelix I thought I’d share a classic Christmas-related video from Aidan Turner’s good ol’ Being Human days. Besides, who doesn’t want to see him (with Lenora Critchlow and Russell Tovey) in a Santa hat anyway? Exactly. So here’s my gift to you:

Merry Christmas, Mr. Turner! Happy Howl-days! And a Fang-tastic New Year!

Also! See here for a Chibi Fili and Kili (in a Santa Hat)!! Cuteness abounds.

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Press Junket Junkie: Another Interview with Aidan


So, here at TATE we’re doing our best to gather up all these fun and insightful interviews with Aidan Turner (and whom ever may accompany him at the time). Below I have another interview with James Nesbitt…

Okay, hang on. Let me explain something. (Which you probably already know, but just in case…) During Press Junkets, the cast sits in a room for X amount of hours while different interviewer come in for five-minute slots. I’m saying this to explain why a number of these interviews with always be with James Nesbitt (I LOVE Bofur!) and why they are wearing the same clothes.

But, again, you probably knew that. In case you didn’t, now you do. (TATE, at your service…).

Continuing! Here’s an interview by Smooth Radio Network asking the duo some fun questions about the life/experience of filming The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. My favorite was the final question posed to both James Nesbitt and the talented Aidan Turner about what music they put on directly after a day’s work.

You also get a strong sense of the type of person Aidan appears to be. He seems like a grounded, warm spirited, and genuine man. I have to say, when I first discovered him (from Being Human) I avoided his interviews like the plague! I was terrified I would find out he was an arrogant , self-centered jerk or something (and I really, really wanted to like him). Crisis averted! There was no need to fear “getting to know him.” Relief!

So here, anyway, enjoy this interview (and forgive them for spelling his name wrong):

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Aidan Interviewed by FILMCLUB UK


Today’s lovely little update has James Nesbitt and our main interest, Aidan, being interviewed by 12-year-old Matt (of FILMCLUB). Some of the questions are the usual, but it’s interesting to see how a kid asking them changes the atmosphere. Also, if you watch the behind-the-scenes clips that are intercut throughout you see an amusing clip of “Bilbo” basically tackling Aidan’s Kili during the Troll Encounter (as I’ll ominously call it). But I would notice the stunt work over the other clips. (I was a stunt performer for a stint…)

Anyway! Interview!


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Aidan in Interviews


Hello! We’re The Aidan Turner Extrelix, at your service…

As expected it’s a bit hard keeping up with Aidan these days. I’ll be posting some interviews over the next few days as I attempt to catch up!

Some of my favorite interviews with him are when he’s with his fellow Irishmen. They tend to talk more familiarly together and given the context the result appears to put Aidan squarely in his comfort zone. In the interview below he answers why he doesn’t have his natural Irish accent in The Hobbit. He also explains why he likens the Wellington red carpet premiere to an Irish Saint Paddy’s parade. Did any of you watch the live streaming of that event? (Oh, I did! Me, I did!). (Clearly, I was excited). Were any of you there? (Then, jealousy!)

Enough of by blathering, right? Let’s get to the good stuff:


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Lookin’ good in the green there, Mr. Turner…. [Insert playful winking here].

Aidan on the Big Screen


Having seen The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey it is now time for a review-post, of sorts. Let’s face it. If you have found yourself on this site you are not looking for me to tell you whether or not the film was any good. You’re not looking for a balance of pros and cons or anything that sounds like it was written by a hipster.

You are here because: Aidan Turner.


So either you have been a fan of Aidan Turner or you have (been blessed to) just discover him after watching An Unexpected Journey. Come one, come all. I’m happy to take a second to sing Mr. Turner’s praises. I was also happy to hear him sing a bit too, actually.

So, Aidan on the Big Screen!

Naturally there wasn’t enough scenes with him. That’s usually the case though, isn’t it? (For those of us who can’t get enough). But I’m pretty sure the contract said one-fourteenth of screen time… (Winking here). Well, regardless of that, Aidan Turner’s portrayal of Kili comes across as a young, idealistic Dwarf looking to prove himself (and have a bit of fun in the meantime). Generally, quite lovable!

The scenes that do feature Kili are brief but endearing. We get a sense of his love of life, his bravery, his skills with blade and bow, and an intense moment standing before the Goblin King with his dwarven pride glaring out from dark eyes. Another time, I felt my heart skip a beat at Kili’s reaction to being separated from his brother Fili on the mountainside. And Thorin screaming his name… You get an understanding of the family connection here without them hitting you over the head with it.

Basically, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is just a sampling, a troll’s hours d’oeuvres – if you will, of what is yet to come. So if you are new to the Aidan Turner Fan(tastic) Community: Welcome! The Extrelix is a great source to learn more about the talented Aidan Turner, now commonly referred to as “The Sexy Dwarf.”

Aidan’s Unexpected Journey


I have a feeling it’s going to get a lot harder to catch up with Aidan Turner after The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey premieres across the global. But we’ll do our best! The US premiere is nearly upon us and I can barely contain my excitement! Personally, I intend on seeing both the 3D and the 48fps versions. Of course I’ll probably see this film in theaters more than just twice. But I’ll “blame” that on my professional interest in filmmaking… Or the beautiful New Zealand vistas that only a large screen will do justice to… No other reasons at all…. (Sarcasm!)

In the video below Aidan Turner is joined by fellow Irishman James Nesbitt in an interview covering the reaction to being cast in The Hobbit and the experience of filming “in Middle Earth” with Sir Peter Jackson. We even hear Aidan speak some “ancient dwarves phrases” with obvious ease. Such talent!

We have known for quite a while now that Aidan Turner has the talent and charm for super-stardom. Well his time has come. The proof is in a multi-country journey of red carpet premieres! Best wishes, Mr. Turner! We’ll be watching. And applauding. As we have been all along.