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Let’s Reflect: Aidan in Review


The Tudors (TV Series)

   In Cold Blood (2007)

– Beldoli –







Matterhorn – Theodoro (2007)

The Sound of People – Father (2007)








Alarm (2008)

– Mal –





Desperate Romantics (2009)

– Dante Gabriel Rossetti –

(Flamboyant painter, poet and leading spirit of the

Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood)









The Clinic (TV Series, 2008-2009)

– Ruairi McGowan –










Being Human (TV Series, 2009-2011)

– John Mitchell –

(117-year-old vampire)




Hattie (TV Movie, 2011)

– John Schofield –

(lover of Hattie Jacques)








Resonance (2011 Not yet released)

– TT –






The Hobbit (An Unexpected Journey, 2012)

– Kili –

(Dwarf, nephew of Thorin)


Hattie – Radio Times Top 40


Hattie was named number 36 out the Top 40 TV programs of 2011 by Radio Times.                 

A superb example of BBC4’s curious but rewarding obsession with mid-ranking, mid-20th Century entertainers, and the misery success brought them. Hattie Jacques, trapped by sexist typecasting and her supportive but inert husband John Le Mesurier, welcomes a sexy young lodger (Aidan Turner) into the family home and proceeds to have an affair with him. As Jacques, Ruth Jones captured the desperation of someone who knows, deep down, that she’s destroying herself, but can’t quite stop. Robert Bathurst was just as fine as Le Mesurier, who could see what Jacques was doing but couldn’t quite rouse himself to prevent her. A sensational-on-paper story became sober, classy and sad.” – Jack Seale, Radio Times