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A Merry Christmas Post!


Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/[insert favorite general cheerfulness here]!!

As a guest blogger here on The Aidan Turner Extrelix I thought I’d share a classic Christmas-related video from Aidan Turner’s good ol’ Being Human days. Besides, who doesn’t want to see him (with Lenora Critchlow and Russell Tovey) in a Santa hat anyway? Exactly. So here’s my gift to you:

Merry Christmas, Mr. Turner! Happy Howl-days! And a Fang-tastic New Year!

Also! See here for a Chibi Fili and Kili (in a Santa Hat)!! Cuteness abounds.

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Fans Missing Mitchell, Least Of Being Humans’ Problems


Toby Whithouse, the creator of Being Human, talks to SFX (interview) about how losing Aidan Turner (Mitchell) is the least of the shows problems. The Vampire John Mitchell, who was one of the main characters in the supernatural drama, was killed off at the end of season 3. The creator  wrote in the surprise ending of the character (Mitchell) due to the actor moving on to film The Hobbit (2012).

Whithouse explains to SFX: “Losing Mitchell is the least of our problems, to be honest! I think that you just attack the new stories and the new characters with a lot of confidence.”

He goes on to say that even after the death of Mitchell he had “to be very dogmatic about the fact that Mitchell is gone. The Mitchell character is dead and he’s not coming back. I felt that unless we made it absolutely clear that Mitchell wasn’t coming back people were always going to be expecting him to come back… and therefore not keeping their eye on the stories that we’re telling now.”

“Much as we loved and adored and respected Aidan, there comes a point where you just forget he was in it, because actually what you’re seeing on screen in series four is so fantastic.”

The Werewolf George Sands, will be written out of the show in season 4, after Russell Tovey decided to leave in November. Sinead Keenan (Nina) also decided to leave the show recently. :*(

Texts from Aidan!


In a recent interview Lenora Chrichlow (Annie, Being Human) was asked if she’s kept in touch with Aidan during the filming of The Hobbit. Here’s what she had to say…

Have you had any texts from Aidan on the set of The Hobbit? (TV Choice Magazine)
—-‘ Yes. He’s bored as hell. He can’t stand it and wishes he was here! It’s very dull in New Zealand (laughs). It’s all going swimmingly from what I hear. They’re working very hard. He sounds like he’s having a great time.’










We absolutely can’t wait to see ‘The HAWT DWARF’ on the Big Screen!

Let’s Reflect: Aidan in Review


The Tudors (TV Series)

   In Cold Blood (2007)

– Beldoli –







Matterhorn – Theodoro (2007)

The Sound of People – Father (2007)








Alarm (2008)

– Mal –





Desperate Romantics (2009)

– Dante Gabriel Rossetti –

(Flamboyant painter, poet and leading spirit of the

Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood)









The Clinic (TV Series, 2008-2009)

– Ruairi McGowan –










Being Human (TV Series, 2009-2011)

– John Mitchell –

(117-year-old vampire)




Hattie (TV Movie, 2011)

– John Schofield –

(lover of Hattie Jacques)








Resonance (2011 Not yet released)

– TT –






The Hobbit (An Unexpected Journey, 2012)

– Kili –

(Dwarf, nephew of Thorin)

Best TV Show of 2011


DIY reports Being Human at the top of their list of The Best TV Shows of 2011, ranking number 1!

…the combination of Lenora Crichlow, Russell Tovey and Aidan Turner. They all have the ability to make you laugh or cry, sometimes even both. With no prior knowledge of Turner leaving the show, Being Human shocked its fanbase by delivering a stake to their hearts – and to Mitchell” says DIY.

DIY goes on to say that once Being Human (UK) ends there might be a chance given to the SYFY version. It’s not worth the time watching in my opinion. The UK version of Being Human trumps all on my list. But of course, YOU already knew that.

‘What the hell is this?’ (BeingHuman/Twilight)


There’s not much new in the world of Aidan Turner…being stuck in Hobbitville and all.  I’ve searched high, I’ve searched low. What I did find is an oldie, but goodie, youtube video. (Being Human / Twilight) I can’t help but laugh every time I watch it! Props to whom ever made this, brilliant. “You mean that’s suppose to be sexy?” ~~George

‘Where do I belong?’ (Mitchell Quote)


‘Where do I belong?

Where do I fit? 

Who are my people?

Where do my loyalties lie?

We all choose our tribe. It’s that need to belong, to live within boundaries, cause it’s scary on the outside, on the fringes. Some labels are forced on us. They mock us, set us apart ’til we’re like ghosts, drifting through other people’s lives. But only if we let the labels hold. You can piss your whole life away trying out who you might be. It’s when you’ve worked out who you are that you can really start to live.’ ~~ John Mitchell (Being Human, Episode 4)