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Let’s Reflect: Aidan in Review


The Tudors (TV Series)

   In Cold Blood (2007)

– Beldoli –







Matterhorn – Theodoro (2007)

The Sound of People – Father (2007)








Alarm (2008)

– Mal –





Desperate Romantics (2009)

– Dante Gabriel Rossetti –

(Flamboyant painter, poet and leading spirit of the

Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood)









The Clinic (TV Series, 2008-2009)

– Ruairi McGowan –










Being Human (TV Series, 2009-2011)

– John Mitchell –

(117-year-old vampire)




Hattie (TV Movie, 2011)

– John Schofield –

(lover of Hattie Jacques)








Resonance (2011 Not yet released)

– TT –






The Hobbit (An Unexpected Journey, 2012)

– Kili –

(Dwarf, nephew of Thorin)


Resonance Trailer


I recently read a blog entry by Neil Horner (2nd unit director) about the new TV pilot Resonance starring Aidan Turner.  The way he described the project had me interested in learning more, which led me to ‘Will you help‘ and Resonance on facebook. The interactive aspect of this new series is extremely intriguing: unlocking codes, challenges, and allowing the audience to engage in the story line. I honestly can’t wait for more and to learn how I, too, can get involved!

Here’s the Resonance trailer with *sighs* Aidan.