Aidan on the Big Screen


Having seen The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey it is now time for a review-post, of sorts. Let’s face it. If you have found yourself on this site you are not looking for me to tell you whether or not the film was any good. You’re not looking for a balance of pros and cons or anything that sounds like it was written by a hipster.

You are here because: Aidan Turner.


So either you have been a fan of Aidan Turner or you have (been blessed to) just discover him after watching An Unexpected Journey. Come one, come all. I’m happy to take a second to sing Mr. Turner’s praises. I was also happy to hear him sing a bit too, actually.

So, Aidan on the Big Screen!

Naturally there wasn’t enough scenes with him. That’s usually the case though, isn’t it? (For those of us who can’t get enough). But I’m pretty sure the contract said one-fourteenth of screen time… (Winking here). Well, regardless of that, Aidan Turner’s portrayal of Kili comes across as a young, idealistic Dwarf looking to prove himself (and have a bit of fun in the meantime). Generally, quite lovable!

The scenes that do feature Kili are brief but endearing. We get a sense of his love of life, his bravery, his skills with blade and bow, and an intense moment standing before the Goblin King with his dwarven pride glaring out from dark eyes. Another time, I felt my heart skip a beat at Kili’s reaction to being separated from his brother Fili on the mountainside. And Thorin screaming his name… You get an understanding of the family connection here without them hitting you over the head with it.

Basically, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is just a sampling, a troll’s hours d’oeuvres – if you will, of what is yet to come. So if you are new to the Aidan Turner Fan(tastic) Community: Welcome! The Extrelix is a great source to learn more about the talented Aidan Turner, now commonly referred to as “The Sexy Dwarf.”


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