~ On A Side Note ~


On A Side Note ~ Notes To Aidan

Dear Aidan,

I know you’re somewhere down under-ish in New Zealand filming The Hobbit… and you’re working and all… but do you really have to stay away for so long?  Your absence has forced me into a sad slump of watching Bridget Jones’ Diary (over and over) while sitting around with Ben and Jerry and empty wine bottles. It’s a bitter cry for single (and married) ladies everywhere trying to get their Aidan fix.

I’ve stalked Tumblr (nothing new). I’ve looked thru twitter (nothing new). So, I’ve reverted to drooling over analyzing the pic of you as Kili.

I miss the gorgeous messy curls, fangs and fingerless gloves of Mitchell, but this works, too. I mean… I’ve never really found big ears attractive on a man but you make them seem incredibly lickable sexy.

Netflix has been my BFF lately.  They must have known that I’ve been going through withdraws and sent me the first disc of Desperate Romantics to help heal my pain. It almost worked. I was really digging the side burns until they reminded me of Mitchell’s stubble, which is now somewhere in Hobbitville on the dwarf Kili, far… far away. *sobs*

Really missing your face,


(On A Side Note ~ Notes To Aidan:   All in good spirited fun… Just an amusing and entertaining way for me to say what’s on my mind aside from the obvious News or Pics collected. 🙂 Wanna leave a little note for Aidan? Mail me (TemperShae@gmail.com) your message and I’ll try to post it.)


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